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“We Stand Together”

4 women final copy72frame

This print was made in honor of all the dogs and families who have suffered because of BSL or Breed Specific Legislation. Certain municipal governments have banned certain dog breeds from living within their borders. As a result beloved innocent family pets have been taken from their homes and euthanized simply because they are of a certain breed. There are heartbreaking stories too sad to tell.

I have a wonderfully sensitive, goofy and adorable Doberman Pinscher/Rottweiler mix named Anne as part of my family. She is my hero.

The real criminals are the humans who abuse these innocent creatures. If you see or are aware of any animal abuse,  please contact the authorities. Animals are truly at the mercy of humans. Please be their protector.



“The Doberman Sisters”

The Doberman Sisters MRM created 3-25-15

Just a couple of fun-lovin’ gals!

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