“Little Kit’s First Christmas”

It’s that time of year again. Oh, yes… whether you are looking forward to it or dreading it… Christmas is just around the corner. I was thinking about the holidays of today compared to the holidays of yesteryear. Today we are so bombarded with holiday imagery. From the television to the internet the competition to buy this or make that is an unyielding and exhausting constant in our lives. And don’t get me started with images of homes decorated with such artistry and boldness that I shiver and quake with complete and total sense of failure. When I see these homes all I can think of is one word: EXHAUSTION. How do they do it? And the clean-up. It was always New Year’s day that we took down our tree and decorations. That was a tough day. No happy holiday fervor that was felt when we were decorating FOR Christmas. It was just plain old un-decorating and packing for another year. So, anyhoo… Here’s Kit. Whether she’s decorating or un-decorating … she’s awfully cute.


About watchfulcrow

Artist. Animal friend. Rural inhabitant. Even though I live in a rural area where my ancestors put down roots almost 200 years ago, I'm still an outsider in many ways. So I guess that's why I find creating these interesting characters so satisfying. I'm married to a very patient guy (picture the Marlboro Man) and am a caretaker to a slew of four-legged adorable canine and feline beings who I consider to be the most perfect souls on earth. We have two equine beings who are equally as adorable as well. View all posts by watchfulcrow

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